Tack för i år! Vi ses igen 7-9 april 2016


Thank you for this year!

Umeå Open Festival 2015 is over and we are truly greatful to all of you creating this with us! With a brand new concept we took over the entire city, and we did it well! A warm thank you to all of you who clapped your hands, cheered and made these evenings awesome. Thanks to all the artist that gave us brilliant performances. And to all of you who’s been lifting heavy stuff, standing guard, made the sound work, made sandwiches – you are the best! Next year, let’s do this again! See pictures on our facebook page, we’re adding new photos. And check out hashtags #umeaopen and #umeåopen that are flooded with festival memories.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! // Umeå Open Festival CREW 2015


Babbelon joins Umeå Open Mind

Podcast Babbelon is about film and tv, and made by Håll Det Äkta-guitarist Sebastian Sahin and Daniel Brännlund, entertainment editor at Umeå Tidning.  Joining Umeå Open Mind they will talk about film and gender equality. If you can’t come, download the podcast afterwards! (more…)

Tygkasse med jacka i

Goodbye wardrobe lines!

Some of you have been asking – how to move quickly between the many new venues when the wardrobe lines can be sooo long? The answer is easy: we just decide it’s optional to hang your jacket in the wardrobe. How? Our genious festival team has created a revolutionary product so you won’t have to hang your jacket in the wardrobe. We call it “the totebag” and it’s available in two different good looking designs.

It’s this simple: you go to the venue. You take your jacket off, and put it in the totebag. Then, easily carry your jacket while enjoying awesome live music. When you wan’t to move on, you’ll just pull out your jacket from inside the totebag. No standing in line!

For those who rather hang their jacket in the wardrobe, this will still be possible. (more…)

Mimi och Maxida Märak

Battle, skate and hiphop-ws

We’ve presented almost 100 acts for this festival, but we’re not quite done yet. In a cooperation with Toontrack, Moyo, Ice Cold Rap Battle, Umeå Skateförening and Random Bastards we give you a heavy saturday program to our seventh and last Open Venue! (more…)


Schedule and festival app

Now the schedule for the festival is done! Easiest way to plan your festival visit is to use the official festival app, that can be downloaded for free in both for iOS and Android. (more…)

Karta över festivalens alla scener

IOR-gigs moved to the Väven café

If you’ve read your newspaper you probably noticed that restaurant It’s Only Rock & Roll will no longer be allowed to use their current facility. To bad, since we’ve really been looking forward to all the Open Venue-gigs we planned for this venue. But don’t be sad. We’ve decided to move all those bands to the Väven Café instead, same place as Umeå Open Mind.

Tävlingsbidragen Hemmafestival 2015

Vote for winner of home festival!

The finalists have been chosen! Three participants has gone all the way to the final, and one of them will win a Home Festival with concert and great festival atmosphere! You can help decide who will be the winner by voting for your favorite. By voting, you also have the chance to win a festival pass for Umeå Open!


Karta över festivalens alla scener

Twice as many acts and stages

Now when all is done we’ve been doing som maths. And realized that this years edition of Umeå Open Festival will be huge. Twice as big as previous years to be more exact. Both when it comes to stages and acts.

The earlier four festival stages during the evenings will turn into EIGHT. Add also the SEVEN brand new Open Venue-stages with free concerts. Around 45 acts will be close to a HUNDRED. And two full packed festival days will be THREE. (more…)