They stir up the dance floor

What good is a festival without a great deal of dancing? Exactly! Well yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of dancing to all of the live acts playing at the festival, but some times you just wanna let loose and go all in on a really intense dance floor. Luckily enough, we have Commotion, Exploseve & DJ Tarantula and Scandl Vision that makes sure we get to do exactly this!



Indie favorites confirmed

Amason is the supergroup that released one perfect popsong after the other, and only recently released their debut full length album. And Tiger Lou are the critically acclaimed indie veterans that makes an awaited return to the lime light after six years of silence. You’ll see them both in Umeå the last weekend of march! (more…)


3 x metal adds to line up

Yeij, it’s friday and we celebrate by revealing three more acts for the festival! Rock hard System Annihilated, Besserbitch and This gift is a curse will join the line up and spread melodic darkness. (more…)

Early Bird

All Open Venue-acts

We proudly present the rest of the artists that you will be able to experience among hangers, shelfs and coffe cups at our new Open Venue-stages! Det jordiska, M. Etienne, Early Bird, On The Cinnamon, Fru Dörr, Pangaea, Hellre vargen, Podsol, Hjärtkniparen and The State The Sea Left Me In joins the line up and help spread the festival atmosphere all over Umeå. (more…)


FATTA MAN night all set

Marlene, Systraskap and Caotico DJ-set are some of the artists that will join the FATTA MAN-night at Guitars the Club for the festival saturday. With music as the messenger they are out to change destructive male norms in order to counteract sexual violence. Now we can reveal that Erik Rapp, Adam Tensta, Parham and Zacke – the artist behind the FATTA MAN-anthem – will have quite good company! Here’s all the artists for the entire night: (more…)

Dolores Haze

Dolores Haze, Bendik, Steso songs and Frida Dee

With just over 30 days left until the festival we fire away four new acts! Norwegian Bendik has gained a lot of interest on festivals and radio stations back home in Norway. Since we love new great music so much, we’re bringing her here! Atom bomb Dolores Haze has been the talk of the town all over Sweden lately, and it’s easy to understand the hype. (more…)