Tickets are sold via ticket resaler, and traded for a festival wristband at the festival. Open hours for ticket trade in will be announced closer to the festival. We recommend collecting your wristband in advance since it will shorten your time standing in line at the festival night hours.

Festival tickets 3 days
595 SEK ADULT thursday + friday + saturday 7-9 of april 2016
395 SEK YOUTH thursday + friday + saturday 7-9 of april 2016

Age limits: 13 and 18 years

The age limit for Umeå Open is 13 years, but at some venues the age limit is 18 years. The limit 13 years is based on health recommendations from Swedish authorities to protect the hearing for children. The age limit 18 year applies to the venues where the bar area can not be separated from the concert area. See Venues for what applies to each venue. There is a discounted youth ticket for visitors that are 13-17 years old. It is important that you can confirm your age, so bring your identification.



Since Umeå Open is a festival, a ticket does not mean a guarantee for entering a specific concert. It’s first come first served, so arrive in good time to be sure to get a spot. At some stages there are a mix of standing and seated spots, non of these are reserved. If you have special needs for availability there are special areas at some stages.

When you’ve bought your ticket, treat it like the valuable document it is. We do not repurchase bought tickets, and we advise you to not buy tickets in second hand.

If you have any questions, email


Regarding reservation for the two Refused-concerts

Refused play at the Väven main stage both the festival friday and saturday. As always, a festival ticket does not guarantee a spot at each stage. Because of the limited capacity of Väven we offer a limited number of reservations for the Refused concerts for ticket buyers.

After your ticket purchase you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase where you can reserve a spot for one of the Refused concerts. The number of reservations are limited, and the reservation is only valid until 10 minutes before concert start. The rest of venue will be filled with the visitors first in line.


Ticket packages via invoice

Are you a company or a association and would like to order tickets and pay via invoice? Contact for information about our ticket packages.