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Umeå Open is created by an awesome crew of almost thirty people who are members of non-profit association Humlan. The plan and work for a whole year to make this festival happen, because they love this festival. Without these people there would be no Umeå Open festival.

During the festival itself we’ll need a extra 150 – 200 volunteers that help make this happen. It can be controlling wristbands, building crush barriers, carrying instruments, answer visitors questions, and more. When we do these things together, we always have a lot of fun. Of course we’ll provide you with all the information you’ll need to go through with your task, and we believe that having the will is more important than lots of earlier experience! Perhaps you want to be a part of this jolly gang?

To become a festival volunteer:

As a volunteer you’ll get:

This is how you apply

Check out the different volunteer tasks presented here, and apply only for the ones you can and wan’t to do. Some of us happen to think festival is more fun behind the scenes, when you can high five and do great things as a team. If you wan’t to work more than one shift, say so inte the free text field!


Work areas

Below you can read about the various work areas. Note that if you are younger than 18 years old (at least 15) we can only offer day time shifts. Since these shifts are fewer, they are first handedly reserved for people younger than 18 that want to join in!

Entrance host

This is a very social position since you’ll get to meet each and every one passing the entrance saying welcome. This is where we feel the temperature of the festival, and the great mood spreading from excited festival goers. So it’s great if you’re as happy as they are! This is also where we check that the ones passing have the right festival wristband.

Crowd manager

You at service for the festival visitors and you monitor stages, passages and doors – no one passes by without the correct access!


You work in the stage trench, between the audience and the stage, and ensures that the audience feel good despite the heat, dehydration and high pressure. Heavy lifting may occur.


For those who like technology and want to work closely to the stages.


The Information Desk is the center of the festival. Both visitors and other officials might like to have your help. You will meet people who are lost, looking for toilets or have lost their sweater. You must be happy to answer questions and to help others.

Hump ​​/ establishment

Lift, carry, roll, build decorations, hang heavy stuff, mostly sound and light gadgets. Much of this work is carried out before and after the festival – which means you have time to enjoy most of the festival!


Do you want to create the best after party? We need help to decorate the location and cleaning afterwards. Or are you a night owl and want to help out keeping the party going?

For minors

A little of everything! There will be some different work positions in the daytime. Minimum age is 15 years.

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