Club festival all over Umeå

Umeå Open is a festival that takes place all over Umeå. We take over the city center, as simple as that. With multipel stages and Open Venues (free stages) in the city shops and cafés we make Umeå boil with music for three festival days. We dare say that the Umeå Open Festival is the most fun way to discover Umeå, and the weekend of the year when the city of Umeå shows itself from its best side.


Festival tickets can be bought at billetto.se. Bought tickets are not repurchased. The ticket is a valuable document and should be treated as such. Umeå Open does not take responsibility for plagiarized tickets.

The ticket will be traded for a festival wristband at or ahead of the festival. More information on where to collect your wristband will be announced closer to the festival. You must be able to show photo identification when collecting your wristband.


New artists are released continously up until the festival. Keep an eye on our website or in our social media.
Facebook: Umeå Open
Instagram: umeaopen
Twitter: @umeaopen

Cancelled concerts

Umeå Open is a festival and the ticket is for the festival experience as a whole, not for certain acts. If an artist is forced to cancel, this is not a valid reason for repurchase of the ticket.

Age limits

There are two age limits at the festival, 13 and 18 years old.

The age limit of 13 is set according to recommendations from swedish authority Socialstyrelsen to protect the ears of children under 13. The age limit 18 years is applied at stages where the serving area for alcohol can not be separated from the stage area. See Venues for more information on each stage. There is a discounted youth ticket for visitors age 13-17. It is important to be able to confirm your age, photo identification is mandatory.


The festival official stages will be announced soon. It is not possible to buy tickets for a certain stage.

Open Venues

Daytime we spread the festival by a number of free concerts around the cafés and shops in Umeå. Just show up, no tickets required. The schuedule for the Open Venues will be released soon.


It is not allowed to film during the festival. It is totally ok to photograph with your smartphone camera for private needs. If you take pictures that will be published you must apply for a photo pass. See Press Accreditation.

The organizers

Umeå Open is created by a group of volunteering members from Umeå Kulturförening Humlan. If you think that you can do this festival better yourself, you are heartwarmingly welcome to do so! It’s all of you out there with super powers that make this festival possible!


Umeå Open is created by volounteering power and every year need help from 150 – 200 volunteers during the festival to make it all work. You wanna help out? Find out more here >

Press and industry Accreditation

Tell us for what media you report, and approximately what extent the reporting will have. If you have been granted accreditation before, do enclose links to earlier articles. Application is made via this form and don’t forget to let us know if you’ll need a photo pass as well for the stages. We reserve the right to grant or decline each application. The same form can be used by industry guests. Any questions go to press@umeaopen.se

Forbidden objects

It is not allowed to bring things that can be used to harm other people, like knifes, guns, baseball bats, etc. It’s not allowed to bring things that will block the view for others, like flags or umbrellas. No alcohol or food can be brought to the venues. Camera equiptment is not allowed, unless you’ve been granted a photo pass as a journalist. See Press accreditation.


Alcohol is served in special areas of the festival. We don’t let anyone younger than 18 in here, and persons younger that 18 has to be sober to visit the festival. It is forbidden to bring alcohol of your own to Umeå Open, and noticeably intoxicated persons will be denied access to the festival. If the stage cannot be separated from the alcohol serving area, the age limit is 18 to the entire venue. For visitors age 13-17 there is a discounted youth ticket.


You’ll swap your ticket for a festival wristband, and to make sure you’ll be in time to see your favourite band play it is a good idea to have collected the wristband in advance. Exact opening hours for this will be published on this website.


There will be things for sale in the festival area, and not everyone will be able to accept payment with card. So if you think you will want to buy some snacks or merchandise it is wise to bring some cash.

Cloakroom – use a tote bag instead!

Since you will probably want to run between several stages, and move quickly without having to stand in line waiting to get you jacket back from the cloakroom, you don’t need to hang in your jacket at the Umeå Open Festival. On one condition! Put your jacket in a tote bag. The bag will keep your stuff in order, so there won’t be a mess of jackets on the floor. Also, a tote bag is great for quick visitations in the entrances. Tote bags will be available for sale at low cost at the festival. You still have the option to hang your jacket in the cloakroom at some venues. There may be an additional cost at some venues for that service.


General: info@umeaopen.se

Volounteers: funkis@umeaopen.se

Press- and industry: press@umeaopen.se