Apply for demostage Nemis

To us it’s very important that new music gets to take place and is allowed to be both seen and heard. That bands playing at Nemis today, are the stars of tomorrow! So make sure you send us your application right away, for a chance to play at Umeå Open.

About Nemis

Nemis is short for New Music in Sweden and is a part of a national project where Studiefrämjandet work for giving unestablished bands and artists chances to perform. Nemis has a few permanent stages in Sweden, and work with a number of the Swedish festivals. One of them is Umeå Open, where Nemis is arranged for the fifth time. During these five yearsthe audience has had the chance to experience truly awesome concerts with bands they didn’t know where their new favourites. Sometimes it’s really crowded in front of the Nemis stage, and no wonder. Great acts like Winhill/Losehill, Cleo, Syket, Makthaverskan and Håll det äkta are all bands that at some point played at Nemis. Now perhaps it’s your turn.

Rules and conditions

To apply for Nemis stage the artist or band cannot be signed to a major label/bigger independent label or be booked through a bigger booking agency. All genres are welcome, as long as application is handed in no later than 30th of january.

Yes, take me to the application form! >