The 7th – 9th of march we take over the entire city of Umeå. Turn the whole city into a festival. Spreading live music from the stages, cafés, shops and street corners of Umeå. To help you keep track of the live music and know what spots to pre-mark in your GPS, we’ve made you a little map.

Here you see all the festivals official venues in orange. There’s eight of them! These are the venues that will be making noise during the festival evenings and nights. Our Open Venues, where we spread the music for free in daytime, you can see in orange contours. Swing by!

We’ve made a few changes from last year, but the most significant add – we’ve made Sagateatern part of the festival! So yeah, we’re spreading out even more. To move faster between venues, you may choose to carry your jacket in a tote bag instead of hanging it in the cloak room.

You’ll show your festival wristband at the entrance at each venue for entrance. You check in your ticket and get your wristband in the Väven main entrance (from Storgatan, right beside Gotthards). We recommend that you swap your ticket for a wristband in advance before your planned concert starts to avoid long waiting time. We’re open from 12:00 – 01:00 during the festival days 7th – 9th of april.

Some stages does not have the serving area for alcohol separated from the stage, and at those venues the age limit is 18+. Visitors 13-17 years old can purchase a discounted youth ticket. The venue where the age limit is 18+ is Guitars the Club, and at the Väven Blackbox stage visitors younger than 18 have access to the concerts from the balcony only.